Residential Aluminum Fencing

 Residential Aluminum

As far as residential fencing materials are concerned, aluminum is one of the best options to consider! Known for its sleek design and longevity, this fence material will fit in with a variety of styles. At Mike’s Fencing, we offer a wide variety of colors, heights, accessories and more! We want your fence to feel unique and special to you, so please let us know what you would like to see in your aluminum fence.

  • Height Selections:
    • 36”, 42”, 4’, 54”, 5’, 6’ tall
  • 5 Unique Grades:
    • Residential, Guardian, Commercial, Concealed Fastener, Industrial
  • 7 Rich Colors:
    • Black, White, Gray, Florida Bronze, Light Bronze, Green, Beige
  • 8 Flat Top Styles:
    • Classic and Versatile
  • 6 Pressed Spear Styles:
    • Aesthetic Security, Deters Pedestrian Scaling
  • 5 Premier Styles:
    • Traditional, Old World Charm
  • U-frame gates:
    • Straight, Scallop, Arch
  • Adornments can be added for personalization:
    • Caps, Finials, Rings, Scrolls.
  • Installed with 2-3’ concrete footers

Popular applications:

  • Decorative
  • Perimeter Boundary & Safety Barrier
  • Aesthetic Security
  • Homes & Estates Gates with option gate operator
  • Swimming Pool
  • Railing