Aluminum Fencing


As a business owner or property manager, you already know that when it comes to fencing, it is important to combine the security you need, with the attractive looks you and your tenants deserve. That is why commercial aluminum fencing from Mike’s Fencing is such a hit. In the past, commercial fencing was usually a chain link fence with 3 strands of barb wire across the top. Today, it is decorative, expressive, and extremely versatile, providing you with the aesthetically pleasing looks you want, with the security needed in today’s uncertain times.

Commercial/Industrial Aluminum:

  • 4’ to 8’ tall
  • 5 Unique Grades:
    • Residential, Guardian, Commercial, Concealed Fastener, Industrial
  • 7 Rich Colors:
    • Black, White, Gray, Florida Bronze, Light Bronze, Green, Beige
  • 8 Flat Top Styles:
    • Classic and Versatile
  • 6 Pressed Spear Styles:
    • Aesthetic Security, Deters Pedestrian Scaling
  • 5 Premier Styles:
    • Traditional, Old World Charm
  • 2 Security Styles:
    • Deters Trespassers
  • 3 Fortress Styles:
    • Reminiscent of Old Wooden Privacy Fence (Up to 10’ Tall)
  • U-frame Gates:
    • Straight, Scallop, Arch
  • Adornments can be added for personalization:
    • Caps, Finials, Rings, Scrolls
  • Installed with 2-3’ concrete footers

Popular Applications:

  • Decorative
  • Perimeter Boundary & Safety Barrier
  • Aesthetic Security